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TREE Maintenance

We are a team of dedicated forestry technicians, we can deliver the exact care that is required for each unique individual species of tree, scrub
or bush.


In addition to designers, we have a team of exterior contractors that focus on structural changes to the exterior of buildings. This team can deliver on small to large-sized buildings.

LAWN Maintenance

Yard maintenance provided by Tree and Lawn Force will help you keep your grass green and lush, all year long. Healthy lawns not only look great, they also boost the value of your home and business.

Featured Works

Maintaining Mother Nature

Over 25 years of experience ensures your property is perfect.


Our exterior team can provide advice and feedback on your exterior design plans to give you that desired curb appeal.


Our drivers are trained, insured and have years of expertise in removing snow. We will take the bite out of old man winter.

Emergency Storm removal

We are on call 24/7 and will try to come out as quickly as possible and clean up trees that have maligned your property after a storm.


  • “Steve and his team are the bomb! They made quick work of an awful eye sore of a tree. Removing broken limbs that were dangerous be under as they could’ve crashed down at any time. We definitely recommend Tree & Lawn Force!

    Phil C.

    Home Owner
  • Steve and his crew were AWESOME!! Friendly,hard working guys. Beautiful job on our trees and “mess”. I would highly recommend them and will be calling them for future projects!!


    Home Owner
  • Tree and Lawn Force removed a 40 year old very, very large willow tree. Prompt, courteous, professional. They cleaned up so well, one would never know they were there.

    John Morgan

    Home Owner
  • Tree and Lawn Force did an excellent job. I highly recommend them, recommend that you give them a call and will absolutely use them, again.

    Daniel Bush

    Home Owner
  • Amazing team! After we lost patience with another tree service which kept putting us off, Tree and Lawn Force came out the same day we called and did the work only a week later. We highly recommend this company.

    Maria H

    Home Owner